Snohomish Improv Show

Crackpot Comedy Improv, our community theater show, is Snohomish’s quirky version of improv comedy, including short-form, long-form, and student recitals.

Every show is a riotous good time of new scenes, games, and even songs, all based on audience suggestions and crafted into all-age-appropriate comedy by our local improvisers.

You play a part in every show as an active audience member. We offer a mix of classic improv comedy games with new experiments and plenty of audience interaction.

So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a party, or just looking for some cheap local entertainment, Crackpot Comedy Improv is a brand new show every time!

Improv Comedy Show, Saturday, October 15th, 7:30 PM. 1211 4th St, Snohomish, WA 98290. $10, $5 for kids under 12
Improv Comedy Show, Saturday, October 15th, 7:30 PM. 1211 4th St, Snohomish, WA 98290. $10, $5 for kids under 12

As Seen In…

Crackpot Comedy Featured in the Everett Herald
Crackpot Comedy Featured in the Everett Herald

Read the Everett Herald article here. See also the Everett Herald News Video of one of the classes here.

Improv comedy in Snohomish — for introverts and the humble
An eclectic crew of amateurs meets weekly to act out in a safe space and maybe build confidence.

By Andrea Brown, Everett Herald

See Our Calendar For Upcoming Show Dates, as well as links to purchase tickets online.

Improv Classes and Workshops in Snohomish

Whether you are looking for improving your Self-Confidence and Communication Skills, or just want more Creative Exploration and Expression, we’ve got a great class for you.

Learn improv comedy… Even conquer stage fright and overcome social anxiety once and for all!

Probably more people than you think feel socially awkward, introverted, embarrassed around their peers, or at a loss for words. We talk to many people who say they are stuck in a rut, or that they feel they need more creativity and fun in their lives. Still, others suffer from not feeling accepted.

The solution is not a pop-psychology book or a boring seminar! The solution is the dynamic world of Improvisational theater, which is by far one of the best ways I have ever seen to accomplish the following:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Exploration and Expression
  • Being loved as a member of a special group
  • Significance

And while accomplishing all of this in your life, the best part of all is that you can do it while having enormous fun, with gut-busting laughs at the same time!

Bill Dewey, Crackpot Comedy Improv Class

“I want to personally thank you again for providing us this opportunity.  It is rare when I can find something I enjoy that Nancy does as well.  The friendly environment you provide, which I don’t think is all that common in a “theater arts learning” setting, really enables this to happen.  For us to have the opportunity to do something together is really special.  Who knows, maybe you will make us all famous some day 🙂

Thanks a bunch, looking forward to a lot more fun this coming year.”

~Bill Dewey, Marysville, WA

See our Calendar of Events

Come see a show, attend a workshop or improv class, or just mill about aimlessly, hoping to bump into someone interesting. Either way, we have dates on the calendar that are bound to suck you in. Don’t worry; we love new people. Our Google Crackpot Comedy Calendar is updated immediately, so you never are left wondering.

Start or Find a Chapter Near You

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Being loved as a member of a special group is one of the best ways to feel a sense of significance—that and you have someone to laugh at. Rest assured, we are here. Actually, if you aren’t in Snohomish, Washington, we probably aren’t, but we’d love to help you start your own.

Next Steps…

If you aren’t sure yet what to do, please start or contact us, and someone will be more than happy to help you get acclimated. Either that or they will make you drink some weird Kool-Aid…