Snohomish is the birthplace of Crackpot Comedy. We are both a school and a performance group, teaching and performing locally and doing a variety of creative projects.

We offer Improv Comedy classes and workshops in Snohomish, Washington, as well as improv comedy shows when it is possible. We partner with local open mic events and have a private Facebook group for our students and performing company members, as well as a Facebook Fan Page for the general public.

We have even occasionally added other meetups and workshops, such as a comedy writer’s group, and every now and then a stand-up comedy and sketch comedy class with other performance opportunities. These come and go with demand and availability. Due to many changes during lockdowns, we have had a much more limited offering.

For all of our events, shows, classes, and workshops, please see our calendar.

Our headquarters and our first improv group is in Snohomish, Washington. We operate as a business independently out of a non-profit local community theater called the Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater. We also occasionally use other spaces for our Meetups, organize, produce and MC events and outside gigs, as well as do corporate improv and applied improv training for local businesses and organizations. Since 2020, we have been mostly virtual, via Zoom video conference (Yes, it’s still cool, it works, and it is fun!).

Improv Comedy Class

We offer a weekly class on Wednesday nights from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM via online Zoom videoconference. We occasionally (rarely since 2020) do workshops and bonus classes Saturday mornings. However, all of this is subject to change, so go to our calendar to make sure something is happening, and then give us heads-up before you intend to come by.

Our format is great for beginners and intermediates, all working simultaneously in the same class. We structure the learning so that it is appropriate for all levels (even advanced players) so that everyone feels like they are growing and learning while having fun.

There is no auditing of a class—no observers. This is to protect and nurture the supportive, safe, and creative process of the students, as well as to limit class size for space considerations. Anyone in the class must be a paying student, even if they are only sitting in the seats watching.

How Much Is Improv Class?

Our classes are the lowest price in the entire area, but that doesn’t mean they are of lower quality. We are also very flexible. You can drop into most classes for only around $10 to $15 (depending on what class it is) per person, per visit. The Zoom class is fit for beginners and intermediate improvisers alike. It is $10 per class, paid in advance. Click on the links to specific events on our calendar page to find the payment links. After you pay, we will send you a link to the class. If we do get back to in-person classes, you must talk to us first to determine if you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you.

For general inquiries, please use our contact page. If you would like to contact the theater directly, use the following information, or visit the Thumbnail Theater website here.

NOTE: We are not associated with the theater in any official capacity. They are a completely separate entity. Crackpot Comedy is an independent group and class and we simply rent space at the theater. As such, we can’t answer any questions about the theater.

  • Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater

  • Phone
    (360) 568-9412
  • Address
    Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater
    1211 4th Street, Snohomish, WA 98290
    (Corner of 4th St. & Avenue D)

Crackpot Comedy Improv Show

Crackpot Comedy Improv, our bi-monthly community theater show, is Snohomish’s own quirky version of improv comedy, including short-form, long-form, and student recitals.

Every show is a riotous good time of new scenes, games, and even songs, all based on audience suggestions and crafted into all-age appropriate comedy by our local improvisers.

You play a part as an active audience member. We offer a mix of classic improv comedy games with new experiments and plenty of audience interaction.

So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a party, or just looking for some cheap local entertainment, Crackpot Comedy Improv is a brand new show every time!

See Our Calendar For Upcoming Show Dates, as well as links to purchase tickets online.

What If I Want To Be A Performer In A Show?

That’s awesome! We would love to have you participate. We are kind of an odd bird among improv organizations, in that we aren’t just a class, nor a workshop, nor a performing group. We are a hybrid of all of those things.

As such, you’ll want to come by and determine if we are a good fit before you make any hasty decisions. We allow you to come to any class to see and pay a drop-in fee. Then, if you don’t hate us, you can stick around for a while and end up in our shows.

There are some rules that we have for everyone, even if you have a lot of experience.

First, you need to attend at least eight of our classes before you can be in a show. Second, even if you are an improv rockstar, you need to attend the class before the show dates, as that class always acts as a form of “dress rehearsal” for the show. This means that if you are the type of person who comes and goes, it’s totally cool, but you can’t be in the show if you aren’t coming to class (and at the very least, the class, usually a Wednesday, before the Saturday show).

Also, we require everyone to volunteer for support roles when they are not an on-stage performer in the show. If you are supporting the show, you literally support the show. We love having “technical improvisers” join us who can work lights and sound and add spice to the show. If you are performing, you can concentrate on that. We work together as a team to ensure a good experience for all, especially the audience. This is to teach the entire process (lights, sound, backstage, etc.) so that you get a well-rounded education in improv theater, as well as earn your way into the hearts and minds of your fellow players. Don’t be surprised if we ask you to volunteer.

After “putting in your time” with us, we then rotate players through so that people who want to perform get a chance. The director always reserves the right to hold auditions, make cuts, move people around, and there is no absolute guarantee that you will get in a show. However, if you are really excited about it, enthusiastic, a good listener, a hard worker, then there is a high chance you will get to perform, at least occasionally.

The director reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time, for the benefit of the patrons, theater, ticket-buyers, students, and all other powers-that-be.

Again, if you want to see the latest events and classes, go to our calendar, and when you are ready, please contact us.