Stunt Double Improv Game

Here is a fun improv game called Stunt Double. In this game, two players are the “actors” of an action movie, and two are the “stunt doubles” that do the intense physical and dramatic slow-motion portion of the scene. The actors set up the scene, and whenever they get to an action that merits it, they look to each other and simultaneously¬†shout “Stunt Double!”

The stunt doubles enter the scene, mime the action in slow-motion (or otherwise very dramatically) like in an overly-dramatic action film, and are replaced by the actors again who then continue on with the scene. The actions that the stunt doubles perform can be anything from diffusing a bomb, jumping through a third-story window, or simply making the bed. Their action is typically solving some sort of problem and allows the scene to progress, but the actors with dialogue typically are tasked with moving the scene forward and adding additional stunts that create laughter for the audience.

This is an excellent game to build on your physical comedy skills, as well as a great teamwork challenge for the two couples.

In the following video, we in the Crackpot Comedy Cavalcade performed a fun version of Stunt Double at our January 13, 2018 show, which proved to be very well-received by the audience.

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