Improv Classes and performances in Snohomish, Washington and beyond.

Crackpot Comedy Cavalcade Conquest Coup


To bring clean comedy and nurture pure creativity in people everywhere, at all ages and in all walks of life.

Our Story

We started off as the vision of one guy who loved comedy but hated having to drive a long way to some city with a bunch of drunks at 3 AM who couldn’t do anything but use foul language. His name is Jesse, and he loves Good Clean Comedy and thinks that it can be used to make the world a better place. It all started in Snohomish, Washington.

Crackpot Comedy Cavalcade Collective Community Connection


To see a world with more levity, more happiness, more good fun, and more togetherness through the power of laughter and tears.


To embrace and encourage people to have fun, play, and explore their innate thirst for creativity and expression. To make good bolder in the field of entertainment, and in such a way that we illuminate truth, shine a humorous light on our human imperfections, and remind us all to be humble while pointing us to what’s right.

Core Values

  1. Anyone can be a part of something great.
  2. Comedy is subjective, continually evolving, and subject to changing points of view.
  3. Everyone is born with different talents that should be nurtured and capitalized upon.
  4. Teamwork makes for better comedy shows, classes, and workshops.
  5. Different mediums and modalities of comedy require different sets of skills, all of which can be acquired with study, hard work, and determination.
  6. The Show Must Go On
  7. Comedy is fun.

Meet the Team

We are an eclectic group from all walks of life. All ages, all sizes, shapes, races, ethnicities, and all that jazz. The point is to embrace our similarities rather than fight over our differences.

Jesse Stoddard

Founder & Chief Crackpot

Jesse grew up doing theater and was a professional musical theater performer in his 20s before he drifted off into business and serious stuff.

Read more about Jesse’s Crackpot Comedy Manifesto here.

The Snohomish Crackpots

Student Volunteers

It takes a village to run this thing, and many volunteers step up to make things happen. Learn more about what we have going on in Snohomish, WA.

Next Steps…

The best way to start is to contact your local chapter and get moving with some funny business… Find Local Crackpots.